How Should I Cuff My Jeans?
April 29, 2012 by Craig F.

The art of cuffing your jeans may seem overwhelming, but How Should I Cuff My Jeans?sometimes less thought can go a long way. The number of options is more limited than you might think; tall, short, single, double, high, or low. Lets review the options and try to simplify the science behind choosing your most comfortable cuff.

Tall refers to the amount of cuff your looking to give. Right now, tall cuffs are definitely in with a dark, tighter fitting pair of jeans. This option works really well with a nice boot. The short cuff is a thinner variation, that gives just enough to accentuate the transition between jeans and shoe without trying to catch an eye. This option works with a looser fitting jean of any darkness and looks awesome with sneakers.

Single or double refers to the amount of times you cuff the jeans. I only suggest a single cuff. Anything more and the weight of the cuff can look a bit ridiculous. The only time I consider two or more rolls is if I'm making my shorter jeans into a capri style pair of pants. Here, I'm looking to bring the jeans up well above the top of the sneaker. I stress sneaker here, because this WILL NOT look good with boots.

Try new things. Be creative. You might find a different cuff can bring old jeans back to life.